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What to do in our Cocoon?

Updated: May 2, 2020

Finding ourselves in cocoon time can be experienced with a mix of emotions. During the recent Coronavirus pandemic, we may find ourselves in a new cocoon. Just as a Caterpillar makes its way thru a myriad of changes while in their cocoon, we are also experiencing our own changes stirring within.

Caterpillar forming a cocoon

What can we learn from the Butterfly life cycle?

A Caterpillar notices a strange urge inside and knows to build it's cocoon. While inside the cocoon, it shifts thru changes and at the right time emerges as a Butterfly. Maybe we are all feeling a change within us as we find ourselves at home in our own cocoons. We may grow impatient and yearn to be free again, but now is the time we must sit with these uncomfortable emotions. We can channel our irritability and impatience thru healthy and productive hobbies or habits. Maybe you are feeling called to create art, write, dance, or sing. Follow your intuition and you may discover a new talent or passion arise. What new healthy habits have you adopted into your day? You may enjoy running or walking, drinking herbal teas, getting a good nights rest, gardening, prayer, meditation, journaling and/ or eating healthier. You may also be learning how to be more gentle with yourself and with others. We can take the time to acknowledge our emotions and be more compassionate when we are faced with challenges. The time will come for us to emerge out of our cocoon. When the time is right, let's emerge feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, humbled and inspired to share our healing and passions with the world!

The Butterfly teaches us we are Creative

Finding hope with Art

Art is a powerful tool to bring hope. We can create art to shift our own mood and we can share art to help others. Art can help us to express emotions when it may be hard to find words to explain what we are feeling. Rather than focusing on problems, we can use art and creativity to find solutions to bring us hope and happiness.

Time to make a Wish Cocoon

Let's get started. This art project is for all ages and designed to help you calm your mind and enter a space of joy and fun. This is a great project for the entire family! We will be making a Wish Cocoon to hold all of your wishes. You can save your Wish Cocoon and open it in the future to see what wishes came true. You can even use supplies that you have around the house, no need to go out and buy anything new!

You will need:

• Paper (tissue paper, construction paper, or magazine clippings)

• Scissors

• Glue

• Paints, crayons, markers, watercolors, oil pastels

• A jar or bottle

• Pen or marker

Let your imagination run wild and have fun!

- First, gather or create various sheets of colored paper. You can create your own using crayons, paint or recycled magazine pages.

- Second, cut paper into small Butterfly shapes ( save for later )

-Third, mix a small amount of glue with water to form a paste

- Fourth, glue the tissue paper or scrap paper to your jar or bottle. You can decorate your Wish Cocoon with stickers, glitter, ribbon and/ or anything that is special to you.

- Fifth, write your wishes on your butterflies. "What do you wish for, What do you dream of..."

- Sixth, once your Wish Cocoon is dry, add your butterfly wishes inside.

Fill your Wish Cocoon with wishes

You can add wishes to your Wish Cocoon anytime. You can do this project anytime of the year. Pick a special date that you can open your Wish Cocoon and read your wishes together in the future.


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